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Not only the right notes and pauses are important in music – as you might think – but also the sound itself. It’s not easy to create an unique sound but an artist should search for it and experiment. That’s why I moved the piano and set it in the center of the historic chapel from XVIII century. The construction is fully wooden which changes the tone color of the sound for warmer, deeper and richer. I’d say there are two instruments in the album – one is surely the piano and the other one is the chapel itself. Together they form a deep connection between music, nature and faith. The piano is tuned according to the A-432 Hz standard. This standard is very beneficial to the human body since it resonates perfectly with the human organs. It makes people feel relaxed, calmed and positive. It comes from the golden ratio and it’s mathematically coherent. What I am sure about is that this tuning standard along with the way the music was recorded are deeply connected and inspired by nature.

The Premiere 9th December 2016 // Digital // 1631 Recordings

Design: Alice Radford

Photo: Paweł Jurczak
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