Wojtek Szczepanik | Official site
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Wojtek Szczepanik

is a young Polish neoclassical composer, pianist and producer, who one day discovered how much beauty has the clear sound of the piano. Since then the instrument plays a key role in his creative process. On his musical path he had contact with different kind of music. Playing rock have learned him how to find a contrast between energy and peace, by blues he found a way to express himslef thrugh improvisation, and thanks to Jazz into his blood entered syncopation and harmonic solutions. He uses all elements to create neoclassical music



  • Not only the right notes and pauses are important in music – as you might think – but also the sound itself. It’s not easy to create an unique sound but an artist should search for it and experiment. T...

  • Taking inspiration from the neoclassical genre the album “Margin” is created (2014). It is a collection of eight songs composed for piano. It is the time to open the drawer with music and show it to the world. It ...